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Sound Siphon FAQs

Is there a public API for Sound Siphon?

By Sound Siphon FAQs

Yes! Starting with Sound Siphon 2.0.2 a public API is available for developers to include the ability to control Sound Siphon from their application.

Download Sound Siphon Public API

A small sample application demonstrating the user of Sound Siphon Public API is included as well.


  • Capture All Audio with the “Sound Siphon In” device
  • Capture audio from specific apps if user owns Sound Siphon

License Required

  • Capture All Audio with “Sound Siphon In” device
  • Capture audio from specific apps
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Does Sound Siphon work with dictation?

By Sound Siphon FAQs

Yes. It is possible to do, but it’s a bit tricky because the OS mutes your audio output when dictation is enabled. To make sure that Sound Siphon doesn’t get muted by the OS when dictation is started Sound Siphon must be off. This doesn’t mean that Sound Siphon can’t be used, it just means that Sound Siphon isn’t the default output device.

Follow these steps and you should be able to use Sound Siphon with dictation.
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Does Sound Siphon work with sandboxed apps?

By Sound Siphon FAQs

Yes! Sound Siphon works with all of your applications, including sandboxed applications.

  • Sound Siphon can capture audio of sandboxed apps
  • Sound Siphon devices can be used in sandboxed apps
  • Sound Siphon is, itself, sandboxed and follows Apple’s sandboxing rules.

Below is Sound Siphon being used with QuickTime Player to capture audio from Safari. Both of these apps are sandboxed.

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