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Sound Siphon by Static Z Software

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Sound Siphon makes it easy to capture your Mac’s audio. Use it to create virtual input audio devices that send audio from one app to another. Or, record right in the Sound Siphon app.

System Audio

Capture all of your Mac’s audio.

Capture Specific Apps

Capture just the applications you want avoiding unwanted sounds.


Include microphones and other audio inputs.

Mix and Map

Live control of audio mixing and channel mapping.

Support for T2 Macs (iMac Pro, 2018 MacBooks, 2018 Mac mini) is currently in beta testing and will be part of the next update.

Built-in Recording

Built-in audio recorder makes it easy.

Mute During Recording

Avoid being disturbed by muting applications while they are recorded.

Timed Recording

Set timers to start and stop a recording while you’re away from your Mac.

Preview Levels

Preview application levels prior to capture or recording.


All features are fully supported on macOS 10.11 – 10.13.x, including macOS High Sierra.

Screen recording made with Iris.

Record Conversations

Record Skype, FaceTime, or any other audio conversations in Sound Siphon.

Keep all of the audio sources in separate channels for leveling and other independent audio processing.

Game Broadcasting

Use Sound Siphon to send your game audio, music, and microphone to your viewers with OBS, Twitch, and any other broadcasting services.


Use Sound Siphon to send your Microphone and Mac’s audio to your remote guests. You can even use Sound Siphon to bridge audio between voice chat apps so guests on different services can talk to each other.

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Sound Siphon 3.0.3 Release Notes

By | Front Page Release Notes, Sound Siphon Release Notes

Version 3.0.3:

  • Fixed crackling audio that could occur on HDMI and DisplayPort when Sound Siphon is active on Mojave.
  • Mute output during capture now updates immediately.
  • Fixed a problem on Mojave that caused playback to shadow devices to fail after wake from sleep.
  • Uninstaller now removes STZAudioBridge.driver on Mojave.
  • Fixed microphone capture on Mojave.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when unplugging a device that is in use on Mojave.
  • Reduced memory footprint on Mojave.
  • Now works with unified input/output devices on Mojave.
  • Better handling of sample rate changes on Mojave.