Sound Siphon

Own your audio.



Easily record Skype conversations.


Music Mixed In

Add a soundtrack to your microphone.


Derivative of Yosemite Half Dome Sunset by Pawson/ CC BY.

Sound Siphon 3 is coming. Beta Testing Information

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System Audio

Capture all of your Mac’s audio.
Free to use in Demo

Capture Specific Apps

Capture just the applications you want avoiding unwanted sounds.


Include microphones and other audio inputs.


Optionally mix your inputs to stereo.


All features are fully supported on macOS 10.10 – 10.13, including macOS High Sierra.

Built-in Recording

Built-in audio recorder makes it easy.

Use with QuickTime Player

Add your Mac’s audio to QuickTime Player screen recordings.

Record Skype Conversations

Easily record your Skype audio conversations.

Capture Levels

Independently adjust capture levels of all inputs.

Preview Levels

Preview application levels prior to capture or recording.

Timed Recording

Set timers to start and stop a recording while you’re away from your Mac.

Mute During Recording

Avoid being disturbed by muting applications while they are recorded.

Sample Recordings


Before purchase, audio captured with Sound Siphon has an AM radio (bandpass) effect added to the audio periodically for 15 seconds.


After purchase, Sound Siphon captures pristine audio with no quality loss.


Sound Siphon 2.1.1 Release Notes

By | Front Page Release Notes, Sound Siphon Release Notes

Sound Siphon 2 is a FREE UPGRADE for those that have already purchased Sound Siphon 1.x.

  • Compatible with more output devices.
  • Fixed audio capture of multichannel output devices.
  • Better handling of subprocesses, such as Minecraft.
  • Added option to enable/disable play through for an input.
  • Can now specify the output device used for monitoring in preferences.
  • Fixed capturing audio from subprocesses. This fixes capturing from Chrome and Terminal, among other things.