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Sound Siphon

About Static Z Software:

Located in Rochester, NY, Static Z Software was founded in 2013 by Dominic Feira. Static Z Software specializes in Mac and iOS software. With over a decade of experience developing award winning Mac software, Static Z Software strives to create unique software that is useful as well as enjoyable.


Just the Facts

Sound Siphon 3 creates virtual audio input devices that can capture all system audio, specific applications, and microphones and other audio input devices. These virtual input devices can be used by any app that can use a microphone for audio input. This enables sending audio from one app to another where it can be processed, streamed, and recorded.

New in Sound Siphon 3:

  • New User Interface
  • Configurable channel count.
  • Configurable channel mapping.
  • Live mixing levels.

Price: $49


Download from: