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Sound Control 2.2.6 Release Notes

Sound Control 2 is a FREE upgrade to owners of Sound Control 1.

Version 2.2.6:

  • Fixed priority devices on Mojave.
  • Better On/Off switch behavior.
  • Fixed crackling audio that could occur on HDMI and DisplayPort.
  • Fixed a memory leak on Mojave.
  • Master Volume and Other Apps items can now be removed from the menu.
  • Option-drag added to volume sliders for fine control.
  • Fixed bug that caused audio playback to fail after wake from sleep.
  • Uninstaller now removes STZAudioBridge.driver on Mojave.
  • Added option to make Sound Control menu bar icon match the system speaker icon, including current volume level.
  • “Sound Siphon” input device is no longer shown unless Sound Siphon is installed and run.
  • Unified Master Volume with the system volume when possible. Can be disabled.
  • Reduced volume change latency.
  • Reduced likelihood of a blip in audio when a new app starts playing.
  • Priority devices no longer lists duplicates.
  • Ignored device list isn’t longer forgotten.
  • Priority list is now respected when the default output device is unplugged.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when unplugging a device that is in use.
  • Fixed routing on 10.13 and earlier.
  • Fixed some issues after wake from sleep on Mojave.
  • Reduced memory footprint on Mojave.
  • Now respects accent color on Mojave.
  • Priority devices now excludes ignored output devices.
  • Now works with unified input/output devices on Mojave.
  • Better handling of sample rate changes on Mojave.