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By February 6, 2014Iris Beta Blog

Throughout development we are continuing to refine both the feature set and the UI of Iris. We already had the ability to stop a recording on a timer, but for some reason overlooked being able to start recording on a timer.

This gave us a chance to reevaluate the UI layout. We moved all of the timed recording UI, both starting and stopping, into a separate area. This way the UI stays out of the way until it is needed.


To access timed recording just click on the clock in the record button, set the times or durations, and click record.


We also added a way for users to type in the capture size and location. This is great when you know exactly how big of an area that you want to capture.


We just sent out the 4th beta to testers. If you are interested in beta testing Iris please sign up at