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Colors colors everywhere…

By February 24, 2014April 19th, 2014Iris Beta Blog

Many screen recorders have come and gone over the years and there has been one thing that has united them all.

Poor color matching.

Iris is here to end this sad state of affairs. Iris’ video processing pipeline ensures a high degree of color fidelity from end to end resulting in recordings that are as faithful as possible to the original material.

Color Matching Done Right

Color Bar

Iris Recording
Go ahead. Launch DigitalColor Meter and compare the color values for the color bar on the left and the recording of it on the right. Note: color samples vary from screen to screen.

The Result

Shown here is the *worst* color match we were able to find in this sample.

Color Bar Sample
Iris Recording Sample

Everybody Else

Below you’ll find color samples taken from 2 popular screen recorders on the market. Note the extra green and lack of red in both of them.

Competitor 1 Sample
Competitor 2 Sample


We are striving to make Iris the best screen recorder possible. Iris is currently in beta at Please sign up if you want early access to Iris and a chance to give us feedback.