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And the beta goes on.

By April 13, 2014Iris Beta Blog

The Iris beta has been in full swing for about 2.5 months now. The core of the program has firmed up a lot, stability and performance are up, and many enhancements have been implemented to make Iris not only powerful, but a joy to use.

Changes since last progress update.

  • Recordings to native Iris format now use delta frames to save on disk space
  • Encoding and decoding native format are now massively parallel to take advantage of more CPU cores
  • Decoding native format is now 25% faster
  • Cursor can now be enabled/disabled during recording
  • Mute button can now optionally function like a cough button
  • Talking head now has additional appearance options: border thickness, border color, corner radius
  • Can now record and export to h.264, Apple ProRes and JPEG
  • Audio can now be recorded as mixed, discrete channels, or separate tracks
  • Added window and freeform selection
  • Added settings presets
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Notably, the Iris recording UI was overhauled. It looks nicer and the item grouping makes more sense.


We’re looking forward to releasing Iris. There a few things to wrap up before we can ship it.

You can still participate in the Iris beta at

Please sign up if you want early access to Iris and a chance to give us feedback.