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Spark your creativity.

SparkFX by Static Z Software

Organize and play sound effects with your Mac.

Simple UI
Lots of Options
Powerful Audio
Built-in Recording

Simple UI

The simple grid based UI makes SparkFX easy to use by letting you focus on your performance.

The Navigator and Inspector side bars can be hidden so they don’t distract you during your performance. See only the controls you need to, when you need to.


Use Set Lists to keep your sound clips organized into different groups.

Use color to highlight and organize your sound clips. There are eleven different colors to choose from.

Now Playing provide a central place to control all of the currently playing clips, regardless of which Set List they are in.

The Search Bar lets you quickly find and play clips.

SparkFX is a document based app. Use different documents for your different performance needs.

Lot of Options

Choose from eleven different colors to color code your sound clips, helping to keep them organized.

Setup two different volumes that you can quickly and easily switch between.

Each sound clip can respond to key down and key up differently. You can pause on key up and resume on key down. You can even restart playback on key down.

Set the play count to loop the sound over and over. Play a sound anywhere from 1 – 99 times, or loop forever.

Effects Too!

SparkFX fully supports Audio Unit effect plug-ins. Your Mac comes with many built-in effects that you can take advantage of. 3rd party effect plug-ins are also supported.

Effects can be applied for the entire document or on individual audio clips. There’s no limit to what you can do.


With sequences, a single click can play a list of sound clips. Or just play one random clip from the sequence to avoid the monotony of playing the same clip over and over.

Powerful Audio

Map different sounds to different audio outputs, or to many outputs at the same time. All with full level control.

Live control of audio mixing and channel mapping.

Easily control the levels of all your sounds. By default all level changes are done gradually for nice smooth changes.


Use your favorite MIDI control pads to take charge of SparkFX playback. Assign key down/up events to start and stop your sounds and continuous control (knob) events to adjust playback levels.

Assign MIDI keys to global options like selecting a Set List, toggling mute, or even activating a document.

Assign continuous controls (knobs) to global options like the master volume, ducked volume.

Built-In Recording

With built-in recording, there’s no need for another app to record your live session to an audio file. Just choose the destination and file format that you want and hit record.

Podcast Sound Effects

Add sound effects, musical clips, or content to your podcast. Use linked clips to randomize sound effects, like laughter, so clips don’t get stale.

Live Performance

Comedy? Badum-bum. Sports? Goal! Use SparkFX any time you want to liven up your performances with sound effects.


All features are fully supported on macOS 10.15 Catalina or later.