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macOS Sonoma Support

Supports macOS 11.4 - 14, including macOS Sonoma.

Per-device EQ and Effects with Audio Units

Now apps and devices can have their own EQ and Effects. Use AudioUnits to fully customize your Mac's audio.

AutoEQ Headphone

With AudioUnit support comes the AUNBandEQ that provides parametric EQs perfect for calibrating speakers and headphones. Thousands of AutoEQ Headphone calibrations are built-in.

More Hot Keys

Who doesn't like Hot Keys? Each app and device has its own set of full customizable Hot Keys.

MIDI Controls

All hot keys can also be controlled via MIDI. Use MIDI knobs and sliders to control device and application volume.

Prevent Device Sleep

Some audio devices take too long to wake up and you miss a bit of audio. Turn on Prevent Sleep to keep the system default audio device awake.