Sound Siphon 2.0.0 Release Notes

Sound Siphon 2 is a FREE UPGRADE for those that have already purchased Sound Siphon 1.x.

  • Audio input devices including microphones are now available as input sources.
  • Can now record audio directly in the Sound Siphon app.
  • Added application volume control and system wide EQ.
  • Added ability so select the sample rate (44.1kHz – 96kHz) in Sound Siphon’s preferences.
  • Can now mute Sound Siphon’s output and still control volume via the keyboard.
  • Now switches to Built-in audio when an external device is unplugged and switches back if device is plugged back in.
  • Volume for devices that don’t have their own volume controls (i.e. HDMI, AudioEngine D1) is now saved.