When should I use Encode Later?

By | Iris FAQs

There are some Macs that do not support hardware accelerated h.264 encoding. For the best possible frame rate try using “Encode Later”. Then bring up the History where you can save the encode the recording as an h.264 or Apple ProRes movie.

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Does Sound Siphon work with sandboxed apps?

By | Sound Siphon FAQs

Yes! Sound Siphon works with all of your applications, including sandboxed applications.

  • Sound Siphon can capture audio of sandboxed apps
  • Sound Siphon devices can be used in sandboxed apps
  • Sound Siphon is, itself, sandboxed and follows Apple’s sandboxing rules.

Below is Sound Siphon being used with QuickTime Player to capture audio from Safari. Both of these apps are sandboxed.

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