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    Thank you for this very nice software. Here are some issues I have found in the first few minutes of using your product. I’m using macOS 10.12.3 and Sound Control 2.0.0

    1. Menu behavior: You have two styles of sub menus invoked from the top level of your app: the menu invoked from the master and other volume items and that from “Volume Control” below the menu divider. The first has a blue triangle pointing down and the second a black triangle pointing right. The first is activated by a click and the second by a hover. The first must be dismissed by selecting a menu item (I would call this a defect.) and the second follows usual menu behavior. Both menus dismiss the main app menu after a selection, which is annoying and does not support many workflows that involve multiple selections for exploration or titration.

    2. volume/EQ/Output selector: This is nice but seems a bit too loosely connected with the icons below. Further right justification might help. I don’t have a solid recommendation until the other problems are resolved.

    3. volume control menu: After selection of any of the sub-menu items, the whole app closes. I infer that this sub menu is intended to be a list of commands and their hot keys and not meant for actual sound adjustment, as the latter function is handled much better above the divider. I suggest changing the name of the menu item to “volume control keys”



    1. I’m aware that this isn’t quite standard. It was very difficult to fit all of this functionality in a drop down menu. It isn’t possible to have the volume slider next to an item work normally and also have a submenu. That is why the submenu is only shown when the button on the right is clicked.

    2. I tried it in other locations, including underneath the menu divider. It just looked wrong. I am always interested in improving things, but for now it will stay where it is.

    3. That menu does both. If you select an item it will perform the volume adjustment listed, but you are correct it is main there as a quick reference for what the hot keys are.

    Thank you for feedback. I make no promises that any of your suggestions will make it into the app, but I do consider all feedback received as when evaluating changes. If you have any other ideas or comments please share them.



    hi there,

    wanted to chime in, at least on one suggestion that JNebs made:
    It is rather annoying when clicking on the settings-icon next to the volume slider and only being able to dismiss it again when I actually make a selection in the appearing menu.
    It would at least be logical (to me, that is) to be able to click the icon again to dismiss the menu again. Right now it does nothing and is inactive once clicked.

    thx and cheers



    Click somewhere completely outside of any menu and it will dismiss.

    This behavior has been improved for the next release which will be out before the end of March.

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