Sound Control Release Notes

Sound Control 2.0.1 Release Notes

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Sound Control 2 is a FREE upgrade to owners of Sound Control 1.

  • Brought back default output selection menu due to popular demand.
  • Better menu dismissal behavior.
  • EQ now protects against clipping audio.
  • Added option to suppress the interrupted audio warning alert.
  • Minor change to how Sound Control is launched at startup.
  • Added social media options.
  • Fixed a crash that happened if Sound Flower is also installed.
  • Audio output device names now match the rest of the OS. (i.e. Internal Speakers vs Built-In Output)



Sound Control 1.0.1 Release Notes

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  • Fixed issue where software-based volume was muting at too high of a dB value.
  • Added “Other Apps” to control other apps that aren’t specifically listed, such as Finder and background processes.
  • EQ is now applied to applications by default. This behavior can be disabled in the Equalizer menu.
  • Remove button now changes to Add button when an item is excluded.
  • Now works with bluetooth devices (and other high latency) devices.
  • Fixed some daemon crashes.
  • Fixed issue where volume change beeps and system beeps were truncated.
  • Better audio synchronization.
  • Now falls back to built-in audio if the selected output device is unplugged.
  • Reduced CPU use.
  • Now prefers the last output device selected by the user. Helpful for HDMI displays that are turned on and off.
  • Addressed an issue where settings and registration could be reset.
  • Addressed issue that could lead to audio skipping.