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Sound Control 2.0.2b13 Release Notes

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This is a BETA of Sound Control 2.0.2.

  • Added ability to disable clipping protection. Do so at your own risk.
  • Fixed a location where audio device name wasn’t displayed consistently.
  • Added priority list for managing the default output device as devices are plugged in.
  •  Added default input control to menu.
  •  Fixed audio processing for devices with multiple output streams. (Such as M-Audio FastTrack Pro)
  •  Safari Technology Preview volume can now be controlled.
  •  Can now control volume of non-system accessory apps such as Be Focused Pro.
  •  Added a welcome on first launch.
  • Menu is now displayed at launch to make it more clear that Sound Control is running.
  •  Opening Sound Control when it is already running now displays the menu to indicate Sound Control is already running.



Sound Control 2.0.1 Release Notes

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Sound Control 2 is a FREE upgrade to owners of Sound Control 1.

  • Brought back default output selection menu due to popular demand.
  • Better menu dismissal behavior.
  • EQ now protects against clipping audio.
  • Added option to suppress the interrupted audio warning alert.
  • Minor change to how Sound Control is launched at startup.
  • Added social media options.
  • Fixed a crash that happened if Sound Flower is also installed.
  • Audio output device names now match the rest of the OS. (i.e. Internal Speakers vs Built-In Output)



macOS 10.12.4 + USB audio glitches

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There are many reports online of audio glitches occuring with macOS 10.12.4 and USB audio devices. This problem isn’t due to Sound Control or Sound Siphon.

We have verified that the glitches occur without our software installed.

This issue has been addressed by Apple in macOS 10.12.5. We highly recommend that everyone updates to 10.12.5. You can find out more information here: