Sound Control

Major audio control.



A tweaker's dream.



Control at your fingertips.


Derivative of Hubble view of M 106 ESA/Hubble (J. GaBany) CC BY.

sc-bullet-per-app-volPer-App Volume Controls

Control the volume of your apps independently.

sc-bullet-eqSystem EQ

Opt-in apps to the system wide EQ with built-in and custom presets.

sc-bullet-muteMute Individual Apps

Silence specific apps so you can focus.

sc-bullet-keysFull Hotkey Control

Set up hotkeys to control volume, mute and EQ for the foreground app. There is even a hotkey to mute all background apps.

sc-bullet-hdmiHDMI Volume

Add volume control to TVs and receivers connected to your Mac’s HDMI.


All features are fully supported on El Capitan (10.11), Yosemite, (10.10) and even Mavericks (10.9).

Demo recorded with Iris.